The phrases “movement of the world” or “ways of the world”, even if they are not identical in content, have minimal chances of being conceptually operationalized in a certain type of analysis. In real terms, they represent a state of affairs that affects man, nature and human societies. Two common words seem to give meaning not only to an apparent simplistic perception of „everything that moves” around us, but they also introduce a deeper subtlety of the understanding, for many people, of our existentiality. The coexistence of the three reference vectors, Man, Nature and Human Societies presupposes concomitant and instantaneous movements, in different forms of expression. The gnoseology of the whole will allow the development of some elements specific to the sequential approach.

Planet Earth, in a multiple permanent motion, is the one that created optimal conditions for the evolution of the species and of the human societies, and of the animal and plant biodiversity. Earth is not an amorphous and static planet. It has its own life, its own „feelings”, sometimes with catastrophic effects for people and communities. I am thinking of Noah’s Flood… Human societies appeared; human societies disappeared, according to historical and biblical accounts. Generations after generations have followed their destiny according to DNA programs.

Today’s human society is about six thousand years old. Without digressing into various theories about our evolution and the adjacent human societies, we can argue: we are white Caucasians (a majority) and belong to the Indo-European peoples. Therefore, man is not a product of the celestial mind, but a part of the fundamental universe, the three-dimensional level. Throughout this time, the divine spirituality, polytheistic or monotheistic, accompanied man’s ways, regardless of their social status. From ancient mythology to modern monotheistic religions, there has been a continuous process of adapting and changing the divine approach to the needs of the people and societies they represent. It was a long, contradictory, contentiously contested process, resorting to any means to impose a dogma. History, according to the typology of the great philosopher Hegel (lived, reflected, philosophy of history) has many known events and phenomena. Certainly, for the unknown part of history, the reference coordinates are missing. Is there a secret history of the world coexisting in parallel? It remains a rhetorical question.

We are at the beginning of the third millennium. A complex and complicated world, diverse and strongly stratified, hierarchical and polarized, with multiple values and unequally developed, with extreme phenomena (absolute poverty, extremism, religious conflicts, human rights violations, drug addiction and human trafficking, etc.), but also with obvious technological performance. The rapid evolution of human society imposes new rules and values, new behaviors and attitudes.

In line with these new realities, formal or informal institutions have been forced to adapt to new existential coordinates.

It is not irrelevant that we tried to put multiple concerns in the same online space without resorting to divergent connotations. They are components of the same human and societal space, they participate in understanding the whole. Our collaborators are competent and with different specializations.

I believe in this approach, perhaps unique in its proceedings, and with quality information. There is nothing incongruous, nothing accidental, nothing incisive, nothing conflictual about this project. We try to place ourselves, with the knowledge and the life experience of each one, in a certain normality, generated by the real history of our becoming.

I would end with a paraphrase of a famous question. After discovering the Higgs particle (European Accelerator at CERN), one of the researchers asked a question. If this is the answer (Higgs particle, God particle – a metaphor) then what is the question?

We presented our intentions. What are the questions?

Sir. Radovan Velemir, Dr, Phd.

Degree of Grand Knight ​

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Sir. Radovan Velemir,
Dr, Phd.🖋



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