Members of the Sovereign Order Uk 



The members of the Sovereign Order Uk will be among the most diverse and international meetings of high net worth individuals worldwide.

Emeritus Council of ROYAL HOUSE OF MACDONNELL LAMONT COUTO D' CHANDOS®, The Knights of the Lord Lamont Couto®, Sovereign Order UK® and the Military Order Templar Knights of the Lord Lamont Couto®, composed of noble counts and lords, European royal families, Middle Eastern and Asian royal families, CEO's and founders of the world's leading companies, academics from the world's best universities, music, film and digital media artists, scientific visionaries, money market infiltrators, venture capitalists, real estate tycoons, successful entrepreneurs, bankers and influential, formed by renowned economists, administrators, lawyers,journalists, ombudsman, Government Authorities.


We wish to have a friendly, intimate and safe community for our members.


This is a private website where members have the expectation of privacy and confidentiality. We are a society of progressive and global diversity, with members from almost every culture and country. Expectations and behaviors will be equally diverse, so to help provide a comfortable environment for all members, we have rules.






1. Exemplary Social and Financial Influence


2. Integrity


3. Honor


4. Sense of Fellowship and Desire to Help Others, and Being Helped


5. Net worth of at least GBP 8 million 


6. Proof of contribution, to charity of at least £50,000, After successful approval by the Grand Master and the Guild


We take the above measures to include only members with significant social and financial influence - to provide a quality experience and level of service to which you are accustomed. This will also ensure a select and determined group of members worldwide, which is paramount to the execution of the UK Sovereign Order Circle.