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This international gathering offers a unique platform for artisans, designers, and galleries from across the globe to showcase their masterpieces, with an array of events slated to unfold across the city, from Soho to South Kensington, and Hammersmith to Hackney.


As the city gears up for this celebration of creativity, the upcoming week promises an eclectic mix of workshops, tours, and exhibitions that celebrate the brilliance of global craftsmanship. Notable activities include hand-stitching a lucky pouch inspired by ancient Korean tradition and crafting a keychain out of eggshell ceramic, offering attendees a chance to dabble in new crafts. The week also boasts of an array of exhibitions such as 'Vivienne Westwood Corsets: 1987 to Present Day' and 'Meisterstrasse In Residence: Rethinking the Vienna World Exhibition in 1873'.


But the experience of Craft Week is not confined to the planned activities. The city itself will transform into an open canvas, with free exhibitions hosted by esteemed institutions such as Tate Britain, Whitechapel Gallery, and the National Gallery, showcasing the city's vibrant and dynamic art scene.


One of the most anticipated events is at the Oxo Tower Wharf, which from May 11-14, will be brimming with craft delights including millinery, weaving, pottery, and leather-working. An opportunity for the public to commission new pieces or participate in creative workshops.


Likewise, the Garden Museum will be blossoming with the artwork of textile artist Cecilia Charlton. Her exhibition 'Memory Garden' displays her large-scale weavings, and visitors will have the rare chance to observe the artist as she demonstrates her craft daily between May 8-14.


A highlight in the heart of the city will be the panel discussion at Cox London on May 11, celebrating women in craft. The panel will include leading makers and will explore the world of making, lasting, and meaning.


From the Malaysian showcase of its vibrant artisanal culture, 'Abstract Nature' to the display of the latest pottery collection of ceramicist Rebecca Proctor at Toast, the celebration of global craftsmanship is indeed rich and diverse.


A tour of the Neo-Gothic masterpiece, Two Temple Place, on May 11 offers an intriguing glimpse into the architectural and craft history of London. And for those passionate about fashion, the Vivienne Westwood Corsets: 1987 to Present Day exhibition at 44 Conduit St, from May 8-21, is an event not to be missed.


From North to East, the celebration continues with the Woven Gems exhibition by Jaipur Rugs and the showcasing of Greek ceramicists in 'The New Athenians' by Invisible Collection in collaboration with Rossogranada. And not to miss, the luxury interiors brand House of Hackney celebrates craft with expert-led workshops on May 9 and 13.


Sustainable design takes the stage at the Museum of the Home in Hoxton with its latest collaboration with Poodle & Blonde, Home Sweet (Sustainable) Home.


Indeed, with such a vast and varied line-up of events, London Craft Week 2023 is shaping up to be a London Craft Week is poised to transform the capital into an artistic hub, attracting a constellation of global artists, designers, and galleries from 8 to 14 May. Engaging workshops, enlightening tours, and riveting exhibitions are on the menu for this week-long celebration of creativity, offering an opportunity to celebrate artists from various disciplines, such as textiles, ceramics, sculpture, and 3D printing, and even get hands-on experience with crafts.


A glimpse into the week's itinerary reveals a treasure trove of activities. From hand-stitching a lucky pouch, drawing from an ancient Korean tradition, to crafting an eggshell ceramic keychain, there's an array of workshops to choose from. Highlights also include tours at the Art Makers’ Guild and the Kaymet factory, exhibitions like Vivienne Westwood Corsets: 1987 to Present Day and Meisterstrasse In Residence: Rethinking the Vienna World Exhibition in 1873, and performances to round out the experience.


Delving further into the week's line-up, the Oxo Tower is set to unlock their studio showrooms from 11 to 14 May, inviting the public to immerse themselves in a world of millinery, weaving, pottery, and leather-working. Additionally, the Garden Museum is hosting textile artist Cecilia Charlton, whose large-scale weavings will be on display throughout the week. Visitors can watch Charlton demonstrate her craft and even contribute their own threads to a community-made textile piece.


A panel discussion centring on women in craft is slated at Cox London on 11 May, offering a chance to hear from leading makers in the industry. In the spirit of international diversity, Malaysia's vibrant artisanal culture is also spotlighted in an exhibition titled 'Abstract Nature', inspired by the country's flora and fauna. This showcase will include historic textile traditions like hand-woven brocades, warp-ikat fabrics, and intricate beadwork, as well as woodcarving, basketry, and painted marvels.


Not to be missed is the exhibition at Two Temple Place, which offers a glimpse into a moment in architectural and craft history. The neo-Gothic mansion, built for William Waldorf Astor in the 1890s, opens its doors for a special hour-long tour on 11 May.


Iconic fashion house Vivienne Westwood is commemorating its founder's innovative corsetry designs with an exhibition running from 8 to 21 May at its flagship boutique. Luxury interiors brand House of Hackney is celebrating the week with two expert-led workshops: paper-flower making with Leo Flowers and a flag-making session with lettering artist and activist Alice Gabb.


The Devon Guild of Craftsmen's Riverside Gallery will host an exhibition called 'Korean Ceramics: Moon Pots' in which the work of Korean ceramicists will be displayed from 8 to 14 May.


This eventful week offers a unique chance to not only appreciate but also participate in the world of crafts. Tickets can be purchased via the London Craft Week website.


Please note, due to the vast amount of events and exhibitions happening during the week, this summary might not include all activities. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it's recommended to check the official website of London Craft Week.

May 2023 MCM London Comic Con.jpeg

The May 2023 edition of the MCM Comic Con, a major event in London's pop culture calendar, was a resounding success, drawing in throngs of pop culture enthusiasts for a three-day extravaganza of gaming, cosplay, star-studded panels, and community engagement​.


Held over the bank holiday weekend from May 26 to 28 at the ExCeL Center in east London, the event was a vibrant showcase of pop culture spanning video games, sci-fi, fantasy, and more. Indeed, the Comic Con is widely regarded as one of the UK's top events for cosplay, with countless attendees donning the costumes of their favourite characters and immersing themselves in the fantasy​.


The 2023 edition of the MCM Comic Con was particularly noted for its impressive line-up of special guests. Notable figures from anime, film, and TV graced the event, offering fans the invaluable opportunity for photo shoots and autographs. Some of the high-profile guests included Rachael Lillis and Veronica Taylor from the Pokemon movie series, Con O'Neill from The Batman and Happy Valley, David Bradley from Game of Thrones and Harry Potter, Kayvan Novak from What We Do In The Shadows, Kevin McNally from Doctor Who, Marc Ellerby from Rick and Morty, and Rob Savage, director of The Boogeyman​.


The event programme was jam-packed with a variety of activities and showcases. Panels featuring Q&As, special screenings, interviews, and discussions were scheduled throughout the weekend, offering sneak peeks of upcoming TV shows and films. The Cosplay Central stage was a major attraction, hosting cosplay showcases, competitions, advice sessions, and panels led by cosplay experts. Notably, there was even a 'cosplay hospital' on standby to fix any costume mishaps​. Special guests in the cosplay sphere included River Medway from Rupaul's Drag Race UK, makeup artist Begona (Shirak), artist Helen Alice, and artist and propmaker Drack Cosplay​.


The Artist Alley was a feast for the eyes, brimming with the works of numerous artists across a range of mediums, from comic books and illustrations to anime, keyrings, stickers, and digital prints. Among the featured artists were Rachta Lin, Chikenryice, and Eleablue Illustration​.


Catering to its family audiences, the MCM Comic Con also featured a specially created kids' zone, 'The Treehouse'. This area offered face-painting, a crafting area for decoration, children-focused performances and interactive sessions, and a family lounge for much-needed relaxation times​.


Moreover, the Pop Asia section of the Comic Con was a vibrant celebration of East and Southeast Asian pop culture. This area included origami and manga drawing classes, food vendors, demonstrations, martial arts presentations, traditional dances, music performances, and interactive games in the performance space​.


In sum, the May 2023 MCM Comic Con was a testament to the enduring allure of pop culture, marking another successful chapter in the event's history with its expansive offerings and memorable guest appearances.

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