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INTERNATIONAL DISTINCTION AWARDED BY THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT                                                                                                                                          

A journalist from the Sovereign Order has been honored on American soil with the Title of Kentucky Colonel, bestowed by the Governor of Kentucky, United States, in recognition of his journalistic excellence and social contribution.


April 22, 2024

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Agenor Duque Baracho de Medeiros, a journalist from the Sovereign Order, has been decorated with one of the highest honors bestowed upon a citizen. For his extraordinary journalistic services, Agenor Duque Baracho de Medeiros received the title of "Honorable Kentucky Colonel," a designation conferred by the Governor of Kentucky, USA. Few titles awarded by world governments carry the prestige and global recognition associated with that of "Kentucky Colonel."


The illustrious journalist has a notable professional and academic background. He holds the position of Vice President Director of Media for the Science of Faith at the São Paulo Press Association and is a Doctor of Communication and Christian Education Theology from the Latin University of Theology, as well as a Master of Theology from the International Seminary Hosanna and Bible School, Corp; PUC and FAEBAM.


His expertise is further enhanced by a doctoral degree in Imperial Philosophy of Journalism from Lamont Corporate University. Additionally, he is a recognized educator and pedagogue by the Federal Council of Educators and Pedagogues, and a distinguished member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and Philosophy of Religion and Grand Commander of the Sovereign Order.


Besides his qualifications, Agenor Duque Baracho de Medeiros has been honored with the Tiradentes Medal by the State Legislature of Rio de Janeiro and plays a significant role as an educator, recognized by the Federal Council of Educators and Pedagogues. His commitment to advancing education and culture is also evident in his engagement as a member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and Philosophy of Religion. He is also a Grand Cross member of the Brazilian Society of Education and Integration and holds a postgraduate degree in Political Journalism from São Marcos University, in addition to degrees in Social Communication and Journalism from FASUL and in Philosophy from FAERPI.


The illustrious journalist was decorated as "Kentucky Colonel" on American soil, a distinction exclusively intended for individuals whose contributions have been or are significant to the community, state, country, or humanity in general. Receiving such an honor and being authorized to use the prenames "Colonel" and "Honorable" is a distinction of such nobility that it is not only a privilege but primarily a right granted to those deemed worthy of such an honor. The use of the prenames "Colonel" and "Honorable" is a prerogative of the holders of the Kentucky Colonel commission, an intrinsic right since these titles are granted by commission letter signed by the Governor, who has the authority to appoint and grant the prenames "Colonel" and "Honorable" in accordance with American laws.


This unique honor and award bestowed upon journalist Agenor Duque Baracho de Medeiros is due to the many actions this excellent professional has carried out throughout his life and career. His brilliant reports, which deliver the news as it is, filled with truth and seriousness, and address extremely important issues to be communicated to society, are the highlight that led him to be considered worthy of this important title.


The distinguished journalist has conducted journalistic coverage and provided social services in various countries, notably Egypt, located in the northeast of the African continent, where he conducted a significant social work, reaching a large number of people, helping many families. In the United States, the journalist participated in the significant and enormous event called "Clama Orlando," where he was actively involved in evangelistic work and carried out other social actions of profound and significant impact on the local population.


A fervent supporter of Israel and the entire Jewish people due to his Jewish roots, the Journalist spares no effort to bring the truth of the facts and defend the Jewish nation, as well as to give voice to the enormous number of civilians who have suffered and continue to suffer not only from the terrible attack at the Have party in the Gaza Strip on the fateful October 7, an attack orchestrated in a macabre manner by the terrorist group Hamas, but also from the events triggered from it and that culminated with the recent Iranian attack on Israel.

Also noteworthy are the social works carried out by Agenor Duque Baracho de Medeiros in his home country, Brazil, where he is personally involved in various actions for the benefit of vulnerable social populations, among which are street dwellers, who are assisted with food and clothing distribution, chemical dependents, and the needy population in general.


The renowned journalist, whose work is widely recognized and followed by a vast audience, stands out not only for his competence and dedication but also for the impactful and relevant content he produces. He enjoys significant prestige in print and digital media, especially evidenced by the impressive milestone of more than 100,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, his meticulously researched and editorially rigorous journalistic pieces that captivate and educate his audience. Through his commitment to truth and journalistic integrity, he not only informs but also shapes public opinion, reaffirming his crucial role in contemporary media.


These and other achievements make the journalist worthy of the honor bestowed upon him. With this, the illustrious Journalist Agenor Duque Baracho de Medeiros joins the select group of personalities who have also received the same title, among them: the American televangelist Billy Graham, Pope John Paul II, the singer, actor, and icon of American culture, Elvis Presley, Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft and one of the world's wealthiest individuals, Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson the 36th president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, 40th president of the United States, Muhammad Ali, former professional boxer and civil rights activist, Tiger Woods, one of the greatest professional golfers of all time, Steven Spielberg, American film director, producer, and screenwriter, John Lennon, member of the band "The Beatles", Tom Hanks, actor and filmmaker, Johnny Depp, actor, producer, and musician, Winston Churchill, former British Prime Minister, George Clooney, actor, director, and producer, John Glenn, NASA astronaut and former U.S. Senator, Bill Clinton, former President of the United States, Warren Buffett, investor and philanthropist, Harland Sanders, better known as "Colonel Sanders," billionaire founder of the fast-food restaurant chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Princess Anne, the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II, sovereign of the United Kingdom, and Neil Armstrong, American astronaut and the first man to walk on the moon.


The importance of the title conferred upon journalist Agenor Duque Baracho de Medeiros is directly linked to the history and cultural weight of the words that compose it, with "Colonel" evoking images of leadership, bravery, and integrity, and "Honorable" reflecting the integrity and respect society holds for such individuals. Thus, using such prenames is a way to recognize and honor this distinction bestowed by the Governor of Kentucky.


The illustrious Journalist Agenor Duque Baracho de Medeiros is also a goodwill ambassador for the state of Kentucky. Kentucky Colonels are traditionally considered ambassadors of goodwill for the state, protectors of its culture, folklore, traditions, and values, as expressed by David Wright in 1998, in his work "Kentucky Colonel, Since 1775," where he states that a "Kentucky Colonel is traditionally considered an ambassador of goodwill for the state, of culture, folklore, traditions, and values of the State of Kentucky.


In this way, we feel honored to have the brilliant professional, and now, Honorable Colonel, Agenor Duque Baracho de Medeiros, Goodwill Ambassador for the state of Kentucky, as our journalist and affirm his dignity in relation to this honor, for the brilliant services provided as a journalist of the Sovereign Order.


Photo: Col. Agenor Duque Baracho de Medeiros, Goodwill Ambassador of the State of Kentucky, USA, displaying the Kentucky Colonel commission letter signed by American Governor Andy Beshear.

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