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His Royal Highness

"Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed Nomini tuo da gloriam"

That is the motto of The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, better known as the Templar Knights.

An order shrouded in legends, surviving the unsurvivable, whose impact has affected the entire world from the order's very origins to far beyond it's only apparent demise, lasting through the centuries, in different lands, under different names, but with a common purpose, perpetuating its values and missions.

This article aims to explain, with great pride and honour, the newly established relationship of friendship and respect, in alliance and mutual recognition, between two of those great and renowned names, The Sacred The Military Order Templar Knights Of The Lord Lamont Couto, and the order of The Knights Templars of Albion.


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Forbidden treaties in international law

Description - James Wilford Garner has given us a profound, detailed and highly valuable Report on The Law of Treaties.'This report contains, it is true, a rule concerning the validity of a treaty which is in conflict with an earlier treaty. 2 On the other hand, there is no consideration, as far as this writer can see, of treaties which are in conflict with general international law, a problem which has been discussed many times But as there is no settled opinion on this problem, it is necessary, in this writer's view, to unroll this problem once more. Our starting-point is the uncontested rule that, as a matter of principle, states are free to conclude treaties on any subject whatsoever. All we have to investigate, therefore, is whether this rule does or does not admit certain exceptions. The answer to this question depends on the preliminary question, whether general international law contains rules which have the character of jus cogens


Sociologist, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Philosophy, Sociology specialization. Phd. Sociology, University of Bucharest, PhD, Social and Political Sciences. Postgraduate in public administration / civil servants driving /, Organizational Management, National Institute of Administration, Bucharest. 


The phrases “movement of the world” or “ways of the world”, even if they are not identical in content, have minimal chances of being conceptually operationalized in a certain type of analysis. In real terms, they represent a state of affairs that affects man, nature and human societies. Two common words seem to give meaning not only to an apparent simplistic perception of „everything that moves” around us, but they also introduce a deeper subtlety of the understanding, for many people, of our existentiality. The coexistence of the three reference vectors, Man, Nature and Human Societies presupposes concomitant and instantaneous movements, in different forms of expression. The gnoseology of the whole will allow the development of some elements specific to the sequential approach.


Ambassador of Culture & Arts

Relativity of the Albanian Economy

The Albanian economy is based on the criticism of discrimination and factors of indefinite debts to the structures of the  internal govermment.

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Inviolability Not Immunity: Re-evaluating the Execution of International Arrest Warrants by Domestic Authorities of Receiving States

Abstract - Recent proceedings involving former Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir have highlighted a novel intersection of international and domestic law: the domestic execution of international arrest warrants for an incumbent high state official. While the overwhelming trend over the past decade has been for international and domestic courts to analyse this issue from the perspective of immunity, that approach is not sufficient. The domestic execution of an international arrest warrant presents a question of inviolability, not immunity. Although the immunity and inviolability enjoyed by incumbent high state officials under customary international law often apply coextensively, the two doctrines are distinct in function and scope. While immunity precludes the exercise of jurisdiction by a foreign court, it is inviolability that operates as a privilege from physical interference by domestic authorities. The arrest and surrender of incumbent high state officials is likely to persist as both an objective and a challenge for international courts. If they are to succeed in this regard, international courts must account for why the privilege of inviolability does not bar the execution of international arrest warrants.

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Individual Behaviour, Regulatory Liability, and a Company’s Exposure to Risk: The Deterrent Effect of Individual Sanctions in UK Competition Law

Abstract - The regulatory enforcement strategies of competition law are implemented to protect its policy objectives. In the UK, the objective of consumer welfare is the prominent consideration to promote, and companies, as undertakings, are primarily targeted for infringements through administrative fining. This gives rise to a tension between what competition law seeks to achieve and the safeguarding of the company against directors’ regulatory breaches.


The foundation that underlies this enforcement strategy is based on compliance and deterrence theories. Compliance theory considers the company to be the internal controller of its employees through establishing compliance programmes within the corporate structure, while the deterrence theory primarily targets it for the infringement.


Deputy Sheriff

I sat here to write an article about what is going on in the world today. Then my head started hurting, and I started typing. 


Abstract - The legality of consortium agreements and joint bidding for public contracts under competition law has been a widely debated subject over the past couple of years. On 27 August 2018, the Danish Maritime and Commercial High Court rendered a much anticipated judgment on this subject. The judgment is now under appeal to the Danish Supreme Court.


In its judgment, the Court repealed the Danish competition authorities’ decisions in a case regarding a consortium agreement between two companies relating to their joint bid on a public tender for road marking works in Denmark.

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Chef - French cuisine

French Cooking Techniques

And for the pièce de résistance, France offers endless options. For cooler nights, cassoulet, coq au vin, or choucroute are all warming and hearty. In more of a fish mood? Try trout, turbot, and lobster. For a side, tender poached leeks are delicious, but it's hard to resist classics, like French fries cooked in duck fat. 


If you've still got room for dessert, try an apple tart, crêpes Suzette, or lemon mousse; for something equally rustic and impressive, there's classic clafoutis, a custard batter studded with juicy, ripe cherries.


International Journalist / Television programme presenter


Poncio Pilatos was the ruler of a tense region about to implode with social conflicts. The Roman province of Judea was oppressed and feared all the time that the Roman Empire would intervene even more in its domestic affairs. But intervention was inevitable, as Rome needed to keep its rulers under control. During the period of his government, which lasted from A.D. 26 to 36, Pilate was faced with a disagreement with the Jewish people, especially their political and religious leaders. A man who presented himself as the "The messiah" was tumulting Jerusalem and its surroundings.


After the tricks perpetrated by the Jewish leaders, this Messiah, named Jesus, was arrested. Pilate saw nothing in this man that could explain such hatred against him. The governor even had a certain sympathy for Jesus. Taking advantage of a custom of the time, he attempted a maneuver to free Jesus: He set before the people the Messiah and a confessed thief and murderer named Barrabas and asked the Jews to choose one of them to be released. It is probable that Pilatos thought that Jesus would be chosen to be set free, but the people preferred the declared wrongdoer. Apparently, justice seemed to have been fulfilled.


Architect / Yoga Teacher / Reiki Master

Sunday, September 1st |  YOGACAMPUS | London

Shamanism, a word borrowed from Siberia, is a general term used to describe healers and healing practices found around the world. In this workshop, we will explore yoga as the shamanic healing practice of the Rishis and Vedic healers. We will explore the terminology of shamanism, medicine, transformation and the Medicine Wheel. We will have an opportunity to learn about different shamanic practices from around the world and discuss the similar conclusions and practices discovered by those tuning in to nature (Prakriti) and the Self (Brahma). Discover the amazing similarities of Yoga, Ayurveda, Qigong, Native American Shamanism, the wisdom of the Q’eros and the wisdom of the Seneca Wolf Tribe. Throughout the workshop, we will continue to introduce Yogic philosophy and terminology to find synchronicity between shamanism and yoga.


Humanitarian/ knight of Royal House of Macdonnell Lamont Couto d'Chandos 

History, tradition and descent of great English knights.

The "KEEN" family, according to the historical records sent, originates from the "FLETCHER" family, its grandfather Sir Thomas Gifford of Chillington being the link between the "KEEN" "FLETCHER" and "GIFFORD" families.

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