Direct Ancestors (grandfathers and grandmothers) of Lord Lamont Couto d' Chandos.

Henry II of England
Great-grandson to William the Conqueror
Eleanor of  Aquitaine
Richard I,
Richard the Lionheart
Æthelred II
William IX Duke of Aquitaine 
King William The Conqueror 
Rollo - Duke of Normandy and Count of Rouen.
Was a Viking who became the first ruler of Normandy 
Elizabeth II 
Rollo, through his descendent William I of England, the seventh Duke of Normandy, is the 32nd great-grandfather of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. 
King Davi of Yisrael
King Solomon of Yisrael
King Afonso Henriques
First of Portugal and descendant of King Solomon and King Davi of Ysrael
king Sancho I of Portugal
king Afonso II of Portugal
king Afonso III of Portugal
Fidalgo Gonçalo Anes de Sousa
Fidalgo Diogo Fernandes de Boim
Beatriz Anes de Sousa
Domingos de Simas
Fidalgo - Pero Anes do Canto
is descended from
sir. John Chandos 
Sir. Robert de Candos
Sir. John Chandos
Sir Adam of Ireland, Lord of Hale
Jaime MacDonnel
Husband of Caledonia Lamont
"Clan MacDonnell of Keppoch"
Margarida of Albernaz
Duarte Galvão (Nominated by D. Afonso V, chronicler of the Kingdom - Portugal)
Vasco Gil Sodré
Portuguese navigator
Cir-Mor Paulo Lopes Falcão "Colonel" of the Portuguese military force"
Des. Hugo Gutierrez Simas
 was one of the greatest jurists in Brazil, being Vice President of the Court of Justice of Parana 
Francisco Thimoteo de Simas
"was the 1st Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Paraná"
Antonio Francisco de Simas
"Great entrepreneur"
Fernando Machado de Simas
"Illustrious Journalist"



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